Gishbot Query: What is GISHWHES?

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I manage the Gishwhes website and patrol tumblr to make sure none of you are breaking the rules during the GISHWHES hunt.

What is G.I.S.H.W.H.E.S.?

It’s the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. It’s a massive global scavenger hunt managed by Misha Collins - this humanoid (I believe it is the head on the top of this four-armed, two-headed monstrosity):


Apparently he’s on a TV show where he plays an angel named Castiel (he’s the one to the right of the two underwear models):


He’s also the co-founded of a charity that does Random Acts of Kindness all over the World, managed by Cinde Monsam and an amazing team:


Each year Misha Collins hosts a global scavenger hunt that’s played by thousands of people all over the world… especially places that could use a little more “fun”.


He doesn’t do it alone, though. He has friends, amazing volunteers, and of course the infamous Miss Jean Louis (@missjeanlouis), who advises him (he usually ignores her)…


She’s wicked sharp, a food exhibitionist artist, has zero patience, and is a hopeless romantic. She helps everyone during the Hunt by emailing them a daily tips and updates. She doesn’t like me very much I don’t think…

Anyway, each year a “mascot” is selected to help run Originally it was this “Fograt” creature (who’s life story you can find here:


Fograt, was consumed by the Wooster, who is the one with the fangs and the feathers below (may or may not include the blond dog-like creature below it).


Wooster clearly partied too hard and was replaced by this one, the Elopus:


Who clearly needs a self-esteem upgrade:

Here’s the resume that got me the job I may look wildly stressed in the pics, but I wasn’t.
How does the hunt work?
Each year, people gather online, form teams of 15, and then for 1 week, go out into the world and tackle an incredible, crazy and kind item list that Misha Collins creates.  
They then submit links to the videos and images they create on the website for points.
The items range from the artistically and nerdly absurd: (“Let’s see a stormtrooper cleaning a pool”):

…to the strangely beautiful (“You in a cheese cocktail dress”):


…to the kind (“hug a war veteran”):


There’s usually also an item that requires creating a picture that depicts Misha and the Queen (this was our top submittal):


and inspired this fan video…

… as well as videos made from compiling the other item submissions such as this:
GISHWHES also usually breaks a world record or two every year. We’ve broken several so far - including most hugs worldwide (108,000) most pledges of random acts of kindness (94,000) with more planned for this year…

The team that scores the most points, gets to go on a trip somewhere fabulous with Misha Collins. One year, the winning team (Badwolf) went to a haunted castle in Scotland:


The team disappeared forever, but this footage was found: 

Last year the winning team was VaticanCameos who went to British Columbia. This year the winning team is going to join Misha in Croatia for a pirate adventure and similar mayhem.
Why does Misha do GISHWHES? READ THIS.
Well, part of the proceeds go to help support his charity Random Acts but mainly, it’s because he wants to try to get people to look at and experience the world differently… to have fun, break out of the “normalcy” of their life and look at things or behave in a different way, and maybe even help the world a little. He believes there’s great freedom in this “death to normalcy”:

And Yes, he’s doing it again this year. This is this year’s video:
Humanoids can register here…
Join us.
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